Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Key Lime Pie Popsicles (Recipe!)

I'm bored today, still recovering from a long weekend. It was nice, though, to do something out of the ordinary. My grandparents came down from Nebraska Saturday and stayed until Monday, during which time they helped us prepare for a huge party we threw that I didn't take any pictures of because 1) I was too busy playing hostess and 2) it's so much more fun to take pictures of other people's parties:) I hadn't seen them for almost two years and it was so amazing to have them stay with us:) Today is quiet; right now I have a migraine and it has really slowed me down. (Not that I've got anything pressing, but having not had one for about a month I'm not used to it anymore and am finding it rather inconvenient. :/ And all of my migraines, with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 early on, are always on the left side of my head or in the back, it drives me nuts.) So, to try and freeze it out, I resorted to making popsicles! I made the tried-and-true Key Lime recipe from, and [tried] making up a recipe for berry-lemon pops to use up my overabundance of strawberries, raspberries, and bananas. I am liking the flavor, but the texture needs a little help. It's less like ice cream and more like a really, really frozen slushee. But also I used a banana for the base instead of avocado; and because avocadoes have so much saturated fat and oil in them maybe they bond with the coconut oil easier? There isn't any actual fruit (other than the avocadoes) in the lime either; so maybe cutting down on the berries just a bit would help... I guess the avocadoes are what make the lime ones green, I don't know what they would do when added to the berry mixture. I didn't document the berry pop-making, but I DID document making the lime pops. Hey, I did it because I was bored, so don't thank me yet:)

Key Lime Pie Popsicles
(from the Mommypotamus:)

3/4 c Key Lime Juice
1/4 c almond or coconut milk
2 avocadoes, halved and pits/skins removed
1/2 c coconut oil
1/3-1/2 c honey
2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch salt

Heat almond milk in a nonreactive saucepan until very hot. Meanwhile, combine remaining ingredients in a blender, when almond milk is hot pour over remaining ingredients and process until smooth. Pour into molds and freeze until firm, about 4-6 hours. (I have a bunch of cheap plastic ice cube trays that I use for stuff like this, the individual serving thing works really well.)